Financial Rewards for College Students Could Help Curb the Pandemic — By Seema Jayachandran

  • Dec. 29, 2020

Within the article, Jayachandran puts forward the argument that in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, with the dangerous winter ahead, paying college students to test negative could be extremely beneficial, if carried out in the correct way.

Many colleges students do already understand the importance…

Rishi Sunak’s statement/speech to the House of Commons Analysis:

The chancellor’s speech describes the effects of the coronavirus within the last year, and what they have spent their money on, whilst also outlining their aspirations on dealing with the crisis and the ‘economic emergency’ which is to follow. Sunak explains…

To look into the importance of a name, I watched a video about Freakonomics, zooming into the impact of a name on the rest of a child’s life, and I also read an article describing how a mere name can contribute greatly to an individual’s future in their workplace.

What I found Interesting from the Video:


What is Happiness and How is it Measured?

Happiness can be seen as the satisfaction of one’s life and the satisfaction of the relationships that they have. The country of Bhutan was the first to attempt to measure their Gross National Happiness, rather than Gross National Product, as a measure for their success and productivity. Through these measures…

Ben Miller

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